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The Association of Flight Attendants (LHR) is a British trade union local (Council 7 London) of the Association of Flight Attendants. The LHR is affiliated to the Trades Union Congress. In January 2004 it had 632 members. It organises among air taxi airline cabin crew. The LEC president was Saad Bhatkar.

Office location, Hounslow, England.

Official Webiste: http://www.afanet.org/

Association of Flight Attendants currently represents over 55,000 flight attendants at 20 airlines.

Hopefully you will find these pages informative as well as interesting. The site has been designed to educate interested teenagers and parents about us and our activities and hopefully answer any questions that you may have. The site is also an ideal opportunity for existing procurement training cadets to find out information that they were not aware of such as rank structures and activities on offer.

We intend to keep the site updated and improve it where we can. Follow the buttons above to navigate the site and having done that E Mail us with any opinions, comments or suggestions by going to the contact page

This internet website is entirely a private effort by the cadets and staff of 450 Squadron, Air Training Corps. It is no way intended to represent the official views, opinions or policies of the Air Training Corps. Certain restrictions are placed upon ATC Squadrons wishing to publish an internet website. If any of those are considered to have been overlooked please contact 450 Sqn using the link above.

The Air Cadet Organisation fully supports Chat Safe, the Royal Air Force initiative to help make younger people aware of the dangers of chatting over the Internet. We take part in all the ATC activities on offer, from those organised by the ATC to ones organised by ourselves. Like most ATC Squadrons, we meet twice a week in the evenings, usually for 2 - 3 hours. During these sessions our cadets take part in enjoyable and educational forms of training including studying aviation subjects, military fieldcraft, drill, projects, shooting - the list is endless. We engage in many weekend activities ranging from sports competitions, camps, social visits and training days.

The intentions of this page are to cover a wide yet breif Union Links variety of subjects that should help a basic cadet gain a good understanding of how their uniform should be worn, the basics of their First class training sylabus and othe areas. By viewing other pages such as 'ATC' you will also gain knowledge of ranks, structures, history of the ATC and many other insiteful topics.

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From the editors

It was in 1987 that we left Manchester Airport to set up a company advising on airport expansion. To date we have done approximately 0 commissions in more than 25 countries covering the full range of airport projects.

With respect to Manchester Airport it is satisfying to see that the planning guidelines established during my time at Manchester have been followed and that recently Manchester has been voted the 'world's number one airport' in an IATA survey. This is a great credit to the current management team.

This website is designed to be interesting and informative, highlighting our full capability which you may interrogate both by 'subject' and 'country'. Please have a look at our digests which are general reports or articles which we have been involved in producing over the years and which you may find of interest.

The main objective of this site is to seek business opportunities in helping both aviation related organisations and companies interested in expanding into the aviation fields.

We would like you to send comments on the contents of this site and if you can briefly identify your interests we will introduce you into our members area where we may be able to advise you on airport related matters on a business-to-business basis.

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