The Facts



Number of months United Airlines has been in bankruptcy: 32

Number of viable business plans UAL has brought forward to exit bankruptcy: 0

Annual salary of CEO Glen Tilton in 2004 : $756,832.00

Average Annual salary of a UA flight Attendant with 8 years seniority in 2004: $27,636.00

Average Annual salary of a UA flight attendant with 8 years seniority in 2005: $25,008.00

CEO Glen Tilton's bonus for 2004: $366,393.00

CFO Jake Brace's bonus for 2004: $173,403.00

All United Airlines Flight Attendants combined bonus for 2004: $0.00

Number of viable alternatives to the flight attendant defined benefit plan proposed by AFA to UAL: 5

Number of these proposals UAL was willing to discuss: 0

Number of viable alternatives to the flight attendant defined benefit plan proposed by UAL to AFA: 0

Amount UAL paid the PBGC to terminate UAL employees Defined Benefit Pension Plan: $1,500,000,000.00

Amount of CEO Glenn Tilton's Pension: $4,500,000.00

Monthly pension of a FA with 19 years of seniority under the Defined Benefit Pension Plan: $2,184.85

Monthly amount to same FA if our pension is terminated and replaced with a Defined Contribution Plan (401k): $776.29

Percentage lost: 64%

Percentage of Flight Attendants who will lose more than half of their pension if terminated or replaced: 70%

Length of time the Contractual Defined Benefit Pension Plan would continue to payout: Your lifetime

Length of time a Defined Contribution 401k Plan would continue to payout: Could expire before you do

Number of Congressmen/women who support legislation to halt the termination of our pension for 6 months: 115+

Number of those who are Republican: 7

Number of Congressmen/women who voted to stop the PBGC from using appropriated funds to implement the UAL settlement deal: 219

Number of those who are Republican: 31

Parties who have brought evidence to court proving the termination of our pension is necessary to the survival of UAL: 0

Number of AFA flight attendants at United Airlines: 17,000

Number of UA Flight Attendants willing to strike to preserve their retirement security: YOU DECIDE

Will you stand by and allow someone to steal money out of your own pocket?

Wise men ne'er sit and wail their loss, but cheerily seek how to redress their harms
- -William Shakespeare


From the editors

It was in 1987 that we left Manchester Airport to set up a company advising on airport expansion. To date we have done approximately 0 commissions in more than 25 countries covering the full range of airport projects.

With respect to Manchester Airport it is satisfying to see that the planning guidelines established during my time at Manchester have been followed and that recently Manchester has been voted the 'world's number one airport' in an IATA survey. This is a great credit to the current management team.

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